True Flourishing

by scotspco

As we kick off our series for term 4 from Matthew chapters 13-18 – Life we were meant to live, in the parable of the four soils we have the opportunity to ask, what does it mean to truly flourish? Jesus’ parable describes the life of spiritual abundance – a life that truly hears and […]

Rethinking suffering

by scotspco

One aspect of the Gospel that never fails to challenge is that God so often works, not through our strength or impressiveness, but through our weakness and sufferings. In fact throughout the whole Bible, you don’t have to go far to see that this rings true in God’s dealing with people. Our sufferings in God’s […]

The Tower of Babel

by Bruce Dickson

Please join us this Sunday as we explore the final chapter in our Foundations series on Genesis 1-11. How will God respond as humanity with one voice unites to usurp our creator?