Visitor Information – what to expect

Welcome! Though our name is Scots Church, harking back to the Scottish heritage of the Presbyterian Church from Reformation times, today we are very much international by nature and warmly invite people of all nationalities and backgrounds to worship Jesus with us.

When you first arrive on a Sunday morning you will be welcomed at the door and offered both a Bible to use during the service and a notice sheet which contains a sermon outline, order of service and prayer points as well as announcements of upcoming events.

Inside your Bible you will also find a Connect Card in order to leave your details with us to stay in touch, inform us of your visit, and leave any prayer or other requests. Please don’t hesitate to speak to the minister or ask questions of people around you during the service if you are feeling uncertain of how to use the Bible or what to do next.

Directions are given at all stages of the service as well as instructions given of how to find the community center for morning tea and where the toilets and parents room are located.

Please visit us soon.