Connect to Jesus

At Scots we firmly believe that it is only through placing our trust in Jesus Christ alone that broken humans can once again enjoy friendship with God our creator. Though God made this astonishingly beautiful world, a constant testament to his goodness and loving provision, all of us without exception have failed to acknowledge Him as we should.

And though this wilful oversight has caused a breaking of relationship between God, each other, and our planet, God has chosen not to treat us as we deserve. Instead, in love, God sent Jesus. In Jesus we see God in the flesh, walking among us, demonstrating his absolute authority over the created order of things. And Jesus came not to judge us but serve us by laying down His own life, paying the price for our rebellion on a Roman cross, so that we can be forgiven.

Jesus’ resurrection, the fact of which even skeptical scholars agree is a recognisable event in history, speaks of the eternal hope that God offers all who believe. So with our faith in Jesus, not only do we have freedom from the burden of guilt, begin a new life learning to love others as Jesus has loved us, but look forward to an eternity with God which not even death can separate.

How to connect with Jesus?

Christianity is open to investigation and is grounded in historical events that have been carefully recorded for us. Therefore the best place to start is to read about the life of Jesus for yourself as found in one of the four Gospels at the beginning of the New Testament. As our gift to you, every person who visits Scots Church receives a free copy of the Gospel in plain language.