Children at Scots Presbyterian Church

At Scots, we want to see every child grow in their knowledge and love of God. Whether they have never been to church before or have been at church their whole lives, we provide activities that will challenge them to know God better.

Church4Kids is a great way to introduce children to God and to learn what the Bible has to say. There’s no better time to start teaching kids about God than when they are young. The Bible speaks about knowing the Bible ‘from infancy’ as a real privilege (2 Tim 3:14-15).

For all our kids’ programs, we aim to:

  • Teach truths from the Bible
  • Make church a pleasant experience for both children and parents
  • Provide a safe and caring environment for these things to occur.

Our children’s program is part of Sunday church at Scots, and runs concurrently with church each Sunday of school term-time. It is held in the community centre to the rear of the church building.


At the start of Church4Kids, all the children meet together, for some singing and a prayer. From there, we divide into 3 classes in different areas of the hall. We have different groups aimed at different ages so that everyone can have a great time learning about our great God.

  • 2-3 year olds, Kindy (Pre-prep) kids

The Yellow Group starts to explore who Jesus is by hearing short stories from the Bible, playing games, and making simple crafts.

  • Prep, Year 1 and Year 2

The Red Group are challenged to thinking more about Jesus and given opportunities to read the Bible for themselves. They learn stories, activities, crafts, and simple written activities as they develop their ability to read and write.

  • Year 3 and above

The White Group come together to read and discuss God’s word and how it applies to their own lives. They enjoy a variety of activities to help them think about living for Jesus, and to build relationships with their teacher and their peers.

Church4Kids usually finishes around the same time as the church service, although classes will sometimes still be in progress as the adults make their way into the community center for morning tea. We encourage you to collect your child from their area once their class is finished, and to join with us for morning tea.


Can my child/ren stay with me in church?  

Your children are welcome to stay in church and listen to the sermon if you would prefer. God’s Word is not limited in comprehension to adults only. We would just ask that you encourage them to concentrate and participate in the church service, to enable others in our church family to do the same.

What about children under 2?

Our Church4Kids program is for children aged 2-12. For children under 2, you are welcome to use the church foyer area, so they can play with the toys provided and you can hear the service through the speakers.

When do the children go to Church4Kids?

We encourage children to gather with the adults during the first part of the church service. This gives the kids a chance to see what church is about and to encourage the other members of our church family by participating as they are able. We also have a special ‘Kids Time’ during church, when children are encouraged to sit together at the front to hear a story or sing a song especially for them.

After Kids Time, the children will be encouraged to head out to Church4Kids with their teachers. You are also welcome to accompany them. The children use the stairs at the rear of the church to go down to the community centre at the rear. You are more than welcome to help settle your children in to Church4Kids. Once they’re comfortable, please make the most of the opportunity of others teaching your kids to join in with the adults for the rest of the church service.

What does my child need to bring to Church4Kids?

All kids are encouraged to bring their manners, their ‘listening’ ears and a smile. There is no need to bring anything else. Bibles are provided for those who are able to read, though your child is welcome to bring their own Bible if they wish.

Who will be teaching my child?

We are privileged to have a wonderful team of leaders teaching our kids. Teachers and helpers of children’s programs at Scots are members of our church. They have been identified as faithful Christians who are committed to our church family, with an understanding of the Bible that is consistent with the teaching at Scots. They have also been identified as someone who develops a good rapport with kids and will be a good Christian role model.

Our teachers are committed to providing a safe environment for children. All of them hold blue cards from the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian, and have undertaken ChildSafe training.

Our teachers are also exposed to training opportunities which help them to grow in their teaching skills. These include being able to explain the Bible clearly and truthfully to kids, catering for different learning styles, and the like.

What do I have to do?

If you are new to Scots, you will be provided with a Kids Connect Card when you arrive at church. Please help us to provide a safe and caring environment by filling it out with your contact details, any information about your children which will help us to care for them appropriately, and the relevant privacy permissions. We would appreciate you returning it to the welcomers at the door.

Please give any feedback to the teachers and helpers to encourage them and/or help improve the program.

Any other questions?

If you have any queries about Church4Kids, please don’t hesitate to talk with our leaders. You are also welcome to contact the Church4Kids Coordinator or other church leaders by using the Contact Us section of this website.